Scientific American

A photon circled Delphi’s head.
Skull encased brain displayed hydrogen’s atomic structure.

Due to its orbital speed
the photon appeared to be a halo.

This caused her gynecologist some reluctance
to give Delphi an exam.

She read an old Scientific American
with legs spread, feet inserted in the stirrups.

Her mind projected images of t-rex on the white walls
along with Mesozoic foliage.

The gynecologist never met the dinosaur’s gaze
afraid it would step off the wall.

The exam room warmed significantly
as a meteor entered the atmosphere igniting.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney

Unlabeled Without Directions

Paul deposited skeletal bones
in a trash bag.

He dug them out of a dry creek bank.
They were partially exposed.

Paul wondered what noisy stomach
prompted an attack

and if scavengers
shook pompoms while cheering from afar.

He had no idea the insect names
that strip the bone clean of sinew

but identified canine teeth
gnawed themselves clean on a femur.

Paul imagined finding a T-Rex
or other dinosaur

exposed by the next rampaging storm
that bloomed the desert flowers.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney