Dennis Hopper Photo Over A Kiva Fireplace

Paul stays
foggy and drizzly
all day long.

Hot chocolate
does nothing
to alter his forecast.

far away in Europe
the hills echo

with World War II
as old ordnance
claims a milk cow.

Paul drifts up Taos’ Paseo
to prospect the sky
for three hundred thirty days

of brilliant sunshine,
magnificent sunsets
and light that entraps artists.

The purple thistles
seem out of season
but opportunistic

while climate change
performs its namesake duties
pressuring mercury.

Adobe Bar electrifies wooden music
and a spontaneous round
on Guinness pints.

The Hum contemplates
who hears it and who does not
separating the struggling Paul

for another day’s distraction
of journaling on rolling papers
and retreating into that fog.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney


When I left Chicago
I spent part of the next year
driving the country to visit
as potential places to live.
I picked out of Places Rated.

I figured the right place
would feel like the right place,
my bones would stop aching
and a sense of peace
would settle upon me
as I settled into a new home.

I drove coast to coast.
Along the way I stopped
at many historic sites
for a blacktop education
of American history.
I evolved both spiritually
and physically.

I stopped for a few days
in: Concord, New Hampshire;
Asheville, North Carolina;
Memphis, Tennessee;
Wichita, Kansas;
Boulder, Colorado;
Carson City, Nevada;
Davis, California;
and many other places,
but failed to lodge
in a geography or society.

On my way back
to my starting point,
my car broke down
in Taos, New Mexico.
The Land of Entrapment
as the saying skews.
I merely continued
a long tradition of timely
auto incapacitation.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney