When Does Water Sleep

Although trees can bend to the wind
they never kneel to it in supplication.

In a car flipping end over end on I-forty
the driver sings Cohen’s Hallelujah sure he will die.

After stating he can accomplish anything
Paul is asked to re-bone a de-boned chicken.

A boy (whose parents refuse to teach him about sex
on the theory they are protecting him)

dives deeper and deeper into internet porn
and starts receiving unsolicited dick picks in his inbox.

White Sands is gypsum. Not some left over sandy beach
from an ocean long ago receded and left at sea level.

Bitcoin is the tulips of this digital age.
Crazy sums spent on a commodity whose only beauty is avarice.

That is incorrect. Many of the early bitcoin purchasers
gloried in being first into something new.

copyright © 2022 Kenneth P. Gurney


We dig the well
deep under white sands—
not deep enough
to escape the click-click-click
of the geiger counter.

Your desperation is so great
you claim out loud
that coffee and boiling
neutralize excited particles
and half-lives.

We dig the well
deeper than the old ocean bed
and the calcified remains
of animals that pre-existed

I pour you a glass
of water so clear
it bridges back to an era
when this land mass
was equatorial.

copyright © 2021 Kenneth P. Gurney