Tumbleweed Hairbrush

Tumbleweed hairbrush.
Goat rodeo harmonics.
Sepia toned memories.
Wineglass stems bloom.
Tongue kiss twister.
Kidnapped sunlight shadows.
Ballot circle filled and erased.
Top forty tipping point.
Contention tossed into the recycle bin.
Bootstrap bankers go bust.
Arbitrary sound bite delicious.
Andy’s fifteen minute count down.
Youtube contentment.
Prosthetic leg theft.
A bitter itch goes unscratched.
Near death experiments.
Origami sidewalks.
Jellyfish astrology.
Executioners’ masked ball.
Carbon dating birthday celebrant.
Whitewashed didgeridoo legacy.
Justifiable hominids.
Sunburned adobe wall.
Orange rind rag doll rindstone.
Fly in ointment swatter.
Splat gurgle.

copyright © 2020 Kenneth P. Gurney